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The company is located in guangzhou huadu baiyun international airport north, 3.8 kilometers away from the airport high-speed, traffic is very convenient. And the introduction of several advanced by computer automatic control production line and technology, the main production of PVC wood grain decorative parts.
PVC decorative piece is a kind of new environmental protection material, it has the grain simulation feels strong, waterproof, acid and alkali from the fire, self-extinguishing characteristics, because it will not fade, do not need through the paint processing, easy to operate. During construction can either reduce the cost and shorten the time, and there is no such as paint smell, very beneficial to interior decoration and furniture making.
The film points and without viscose rayon two kinds of base material, can be put in all sorts of plank, plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, block board, etc.) and other materials (such as high pressure cement, asbestos board, metal plate, aluminum and plastic profiles, etc.) surface. The latest technology used in vacuum membrane machine will paste PVC decorative piece firmly on plate surface, the technology has been widely used all over the country make furniture manufacture, indoor decoration factory.
Company founded the starting point of the product is due to high quality, firmly believe that quality is the life of the enterprise, has always pursued \"quality first, customer first\" business purposes. Was welcomed by the majority of users and trust.
We will continue to \"pioneering and enterprising, pragmatic\" spirit to provide better service for the customers and to do the products more perfect. The service is done more hasten is perfect, in a rapidly changing with the fierce market competition, the ahead of time step by step.
Is willing to work with the vast number of customers at home and abroad sincere cooperation, create a better tomorrow.

Guangzhou baojiali decoration film co., LTD

Application scope

● Furniture                       ● Wardrobe               ● Cabinet             ● Photo frame


● Decorative board          ●  door                      ● floor                  ● new material


● Office furniture            ● Integrated wallboard                           ● Ceiling

As a non-toxic, harmless and tasteless ideal decorative material, PVC decorative film is widely used in furniture, building materials, indoor decoration, frame industry, new materials, low-density and high-density boards used in audio boxes, as well as in high-grade automobile interior decoration boards, fire-proof boards, floors and so on.

The company's starting point will be high quality products, firmly believe that quality is the life of the enterprise, always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business purpose. It is welcomed and trusted by the vast number of users.


We will continue to "pioneer, enterprising, pragmatic" spirit for the majority of customers to provide better service, will make the product more perfect. Make the service more perfect, leading and advancing step by step in the fierce market competition.